The production of Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. starts from mining to cutting, and then to polishing and finishing.
Upon the customer's request, the granite slabs can be polished rough, as well as bushhammered or shot and available in different thicknesses.
One of the Company's characteristics is to be able to realise slabs and personalised elements. Thanks to the versatility of the material, it can be used for the inside and for the outside.


The materials won by Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. are mainly used for civil and industrial building trade (floors, coverings, stairs, windowsills, shelves, pillars for the inside and for the outside); urban fittings (kerbstones, benches, fountains, flower boxes); furnishing (fireplaces, tables, tops for bathrooms and kitchens); funerary industry (monuments, chapels). Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. see to the shipiment of the world, directly or by means of carrier.