Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. was founded in the wake of the mining tradition of Ossola. Once a small artisan sawmill, now a big mining and processing company, the costant growth of Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. has increased the standing of an exceptional product as for the quality and continuity of is features in time. Today Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. founded in 1967 with the possibility to exploit relevant quarries having an area of over 170,000 sqm, is a leading enterprise.
Most of the material is won from the quarries of Serizzo and Beola and is marketed with the name of Serizzo Antigorio, Serizzo Formazza, Simplon White and Beola Argentata.


Thanks to its constant attention to the mining and processing techniques of granite, Sarizzo di Crodo S.p.A. has obtained important acknowledgements on the national and international market.
The company created by Emilio Marabini and managed by his son and daughters, Paola, Silvana and Daniel, is able to meet all kinds of requirements by ensuring a costant quality thanks to its modern production and big quantities of material.